Acoustic guitars in series

Reports and recommendations
Report Cort NTL 20 F Western Jumbo (PDF)
Report Ibanez MASA SX 72 (PDF)
Report Salvador Cortez SC-205 (PDF)
Recommendation Concert Guitars under 1000€ (PDF)
Recommendation Nylon E-Guitars Renaissance (PDF)
Reports Beginner Guitar HQ for E- A- Guitars

Classical - Flamenco and Acoustic Guitars
Classic and flamenco guitars:
Two first class Models with Spruce- or Cedar-Top A. Augustine
Concert & Flamenco Guitars in Spanish Design Salvador Cortez
German guitar manufacture of the upper class LaCorda
German guitar manufacture of the upper class Hanika
Traditional German guitars since 1669 Hopf
Build very good guitars with nylon strings Yamaha
Classic and acoustic guitars:
High quality steel string guitars from Germany Framus/Warwick
Excellent acoustic guitars from Czech Republic Furch
25 Years Sound of Magix - Made in Germany Lakewood
AcousticGuitars since 1833 WorldStandard Martin & Co
Australian family builds 1A acoustics since 1946 Maton
Japanese noble brand heard on all stages Takamine
The guitars with the brute basses Taylor
Acoustic and e-guitars:
Craft decent guitars from Korea Cort
The noble electric guitars from Germany Duesenberg
Stratocaster rightly the No. 1 electric guitar Fender
The first and with ES the best jazz guitars Gibson
First class guitar manufacture from Canada Godin
Traditional innovative guitars from Japan Ibanez
Paul Reed Smith Guitars 1st Class Guitars PRS
In all price ranges usable instruments Yamaha

Companies that think to build good guitars
and are not listed, we apologize.
We only want to talk about what we know.

Acoustic guitars hand made

Guitarbuilder sortet by Nations WIKI
Bellucci Guitars from MANGORE from Paraguay Bellucci
Spanish Guitarbuilder excelent handcrafting Franzisco Bros
Guitars and Harps from Switz with a difference Brunner
Guitar master builder in spanish tradition Brunswicker|Apelt
Traditional Nylons from Hermanos & Camps Camps
Guitar master builder with MuBu Recommendation Andreas Cuntz
First Class SteelString guitars from Canada Greenfield Guitars
Legendary concert Guitars in III. Generation Hermann Hauser
Guitar maker is looking for the soul of the guitar Hartmut Hegewald
Argentinian Music -Professor -Teacher & Luthier Juan Sebastian Keller
Kobler - Guitars Sound as good as they look Christina Kobler
Young team Classic crafts Tradition Kraushaar
Luthier fine Classical and Jazz Guitars Laviolette
Concert guitar refreshingly modern Paul McGill
Finest Klassic and Flamenco-Gitares - MuBu TOP Teodoro Pérez
Historical Replicas Concert Guitar Construction Klaus Peters
Montero Plazuelo Lopez build only two Models Plazuelo
Handmade guitars with patented scale Michael Ruhe
GuitarBuilder for the joy of playing the guitar Stefan Rössler
Innovative Master Guitars from Japan Sakurai/Kohno
Hofgitarren Lieferant für John Williams Smallman & Sons
The Art of Craftsmanship in every Instrument Stoll Guitars
Master Workshop for Guitar III. Generation Max Strohmer
More than just a guitar maker it's worth a look Peter Tsiorba
Veillette builds nylon-strung electric guitars Veillette Joe
Voigt Luthier Guitar Master Builder since 1690 Voigt
Guitar maker with excelent modern approaches Daniel Zucali

Building instructions - Repair tips - Tonewood

My works
Instruction - Construction report of my III. homemade guitar (PDF)
Instruction - Simple construction help for acoustic guitars (PDF)
Instruction - Construction report of my II. homemade guitar (PDF)
Instruction - Report of an full-acoustic travel guitar (PDF)
Calculation - Frets Distance from saddle and fret width (ODS)
Improvement - Make Guitar Neck slimmer (PDF)
Instructions - 12-hole tying Block easily made by yourself (PDF)
Instructions - Building an acoustic lap steel string guitar (PDF)
Instructions - Construction of a guitar from vegetable boxes (PDF)
Instructions - Strat becomes a Nylon Guitar - Stratylon (PDF)
Invention - Arm rest for small guitars (PDF)
Repair Tip - New fretting almost without tools (PDF)
Tips from private hobbyists
Der Glambfmbasdler - Builds Guitars at its best Eduard Schielein
Construction report for concert guitars (PDF) Peter Breit
Tips from Profis
1A Guitar building instructions from Hannabach Barmstedter
Tonewoods and everything else for guitar building Maderas Barber
Shows you how to build your own guitar Brunner Guitars
Guitar Repairs - gives professional Repair tips Finger Lakes
Offers good value for all types of Guitar Plans G_A_L
Plans collection of many well known Guitars GitarreBassBau
Compressing Fretting to straighten the neck John F. Hall
MassivHolzWerkstätten - Woods made to measure Frank Horschig
Construction plans of the Antonio Torres Guitar Henrik Jansson
StewMac Fret Calculator for all Necks S. MacDonald
StewMac comprehensive repair manuals S. MacDonald
Instrument making - Sound and tone woods Nebelheim
Insights into Guitar repair Rall Guitars
Build your own guitars with a master builder Felix Reuter
Template for measuring the fret board radius Pickguardian
Easy Plus construction course - 10 days guitar Schär Baukurs
Home-made projects of a very special kind LM Splettstoesser
Kit for build a classical guitar by Kollwit Stegmiller-online
Patent 1921 von T. McHugh for the "truss rod" WIKIPEDIA
Tonewood and Tools
Tonewoods & more around guitar building - MuBu 1 Maderas Barber
Woods from all over the world since 100 years Timber Cropp
More than a tool - Tell us about themself DICTUM
SolidWoodProducts for instruments and more Espen
Drawings and stencils around guitar building Gitabou
MassivHolz - Many woods exactly sawn - MuBu 1 Frank Horschig
Selected tonewoods since over 125 years Kollitz
The Tonewood Catalog - Quality & Tradition since 1890 Kollitz
Tonewood for stringed and plucked instruments Andreas Sandner
High quality tools for woodworking - MuBu 1 Dieter Schmid
Precious wood from all over the world Frank Schröter
High-quality kits and corresponding tools StewMac
Tonewood but mainly for build electric guitars Zuschnitte24

New and historic guitar collections

Worcshop and its historical Guitar archive Bernd Kresse
Journey to the German percussion Guitar Stefan Lob
Historical Guitar Collection and Knowledge Weissgerber
A other collection of historical Guitars Die Zupfgeige


1. Maria Conde
The Soulful Art of a Flamenco Guitar
Maria Conde
2. Lakewood
Description of the Lakewood House internal workshop
Martin Seeliger CEO of Lakewood on YouTube Martin Seeliger
3. Franzico Bros
Spanish guitar builder shows his craftsmanship
Franzisco Bros
4. Burls Art - Resin River Guitar
American guitar maker show us his fantastic ideas
Burls Art
5. Maton
Australian Steelstring Guitarbuilder - Part 1
Maton I.
6. Maton
Australian Steelstring Guitarbuilder - Part 2
Maton II
7. Pummelchen meine I. Gitarre
Acoustic travel guitar handcrafted in craftsmanship
Peter Breit
8. Fredless Elektro-Bass
Fredless Electro-Bass Handcrafted
Filip Safr
9. Konzert Ukulele
Shows us the construction of a concert ukulele
Rowan Dicks
10. Unique concert guitars
Family Perez shows us how guitars are built
Teodoro Perez
11. Very interesting archtop guitars
Cranmer Scotland - builds guitars by hand
12. Concert guitars from luthier
Gerold Karl Hannabach 1928 - 2015+
G. K. Hannabach


1. ConVivo - Classica Spanish Guitar Construction
ConVivo builds a concert guitar of spanish design
2. Brian Lisus - Builds violins with love
Shows us how he builds handcraftet violins
Brian Lisius
3. E. M. Pöllmann - Traditional double bass building
Family Pöllmann shows us his Bass-Building
E. M. Pöllmann
4. Aubry Ratliff - Mandolin-Building
29 videos show the construction of his dream mandolins
Aubrey Ratliff
5. Ulrike Meinel - Zither Bulding
Mrs Meinel shows us the complex construction of her zithers
Ulrike Meinel
6. Abou Diarra - Shows us the building of a kora
Beautiful how he practically builds the Kora out of his hand
Abou Diarra
7. Tobias Schmidt - Piano Restoration
Three impressive videos about the restoration
Tobias und Finn-Luca Schmidt
8. Scap wood City - Cigar Box Guitar
SWC shows us how simply he builds a CGB
9. Clive Titmus - Lautenbau
In four videos we see the construction of a lute
Clive Titmus
10. Harfe
We se in the Video how to build a Harp
Willi Coral
11. Cello
We se in five Videos how to build a Cello
Fillipo Fasser
12. DrehLeier
We see how ro build a DrehLeiern
O. César Loureiro

1. Classic-Guitar
I show you the construction of my concert guitar
Peter Breit
2. Acoustic-Guitar
Maton shows us her guitar making in 15 lessons
Maton AU
3. Electric-Guitar
Godin shows us how his manufactory makes guitars
Godin Canada
4. Electric-Bass-Guitar
An interesting construction report Bass from crayons
Burls Art
5. Baritone-Guitar
I build myself a baritone guitar
6. Harp-Guitars
The Powell brothers show us how they build harp guitars in five episodes
7. Hawai - Slide - Lapsteel Guitar
Report on the construction of six string lapsteel gitatrren
Stan Ceglinski
8. Resonator Guitar
Report of the 20.000th NG anniversary Reso-Phonic guitar
National Guitars
9. 12-String Guitare
His eighth guitar! that he has already built - RESPECT
Christian Mueller
10. Flamenco Guitars
El Guitarrero - The making of a Flamenco Guitar 1 & 2
Anders Eliasson
11. Gypsy Jazz Guitars of Maccaferri/Selmer
Five episodes about the construction of a Gypsy guitar by
Marco Dujic
12. Archtop Guitar - The queen of Jazz-Guitars
A construction report that needs no words
Bert van der Meij

Knowledge about classical guitars

Difference Concert and Flamenco Guitar intoned Dr. Antf
The lute online resource portal - lute making Andrew Atkinson
Comprehensive guitar portal - In New Zealand Beginner Guitar HQ
How Flamenco Guitarists keep their nails in shape Ruben Diaz
Paul Guy's and the "True Temperament" Fretboard Guy Guitars
Guitar Guide - Solid Basic Guitar Knowledge Tom Haubner
Vocabulary in Guitar building in DE-GB-ES-FR B.C. Hoffmann
Professional guide to many Instruments Kirstein
Electric Guitars Dictionary with Information Christine Leube
The Flamenco guitar explained by Graf Martinez
Which size of guitar is right for you Ulrich Meyer
Optimum air humidity for room and wood climate Stephan Preuße
Humidity and guitars a problem case Musik Produktiv
How to avoid tension in the game - explained by Tatjana Ryzhkova
Handmade Guitars with patented scale Michael Ruhe
GitarrenSaiten for Western- E- Konzert- Bass Tom Schäfer
GitarrenSaitenKaufen for Western- E- Konzert- Bass Tom Schäfer
The intonation of Guitars is solvable case Schwingenstein
Reinventing the art of guitar craftsmanship Stoll Guitars
Online guide to music and instruments Thomann
Tonewood for guitars and explains the pitches Reinhard Vonau
Historical Guitars and a lot of knowledge Weissgerber
A good approach to a Guitar glossary WIKI Book
Torn nails - 4 professional repair methods WIKI HOW
My mistake with tuned guitars - (PDF) Robert Winkler

WorkShops how to play guitar

Stroke technique of the Rumba-Flamenco Marc Berestovoy
Bluesguitartube - Free lessons in the blog Christoph Fässler
FingerStyle WorkShop at it's best Ulli Bögershausen
Notes and TAB's for the workshop found here Ulli Bögershausen
Audios & Videos Information about the new book Bernd Brümmer
Beat patterns made easy many listening examples Bernd Brümmer
Class A concept - connects books & forum Bernd Brümmer
Flamenco - much knowledge at first hand Ruben Diaz
Comprehensive information about scales Matt. Ia Eklundh a view over the Alps fingerpicking
Innovative Guitar School on the Internet Guitar-TV
Guitar Player TV with Guitarists and Keyboarder GuitarPlayer
BluesLessons Your place to learn the Blues Dirk Hagemann
Guitar school with good music examples Jürg Hochweber
Die p(r)ima Gitarrenschule not only for beginners Katja Hoder
Die p(r)ima Gitarrenschule 64 Videos to the book Katja Hoder
Learning how to play guitar jam_play
Learning the guitar through competence and fun Mike Jastrow
Redifining how to learn music Jellynote
Learn to play Guitar online - Video courses Ernst Jochmus
The Talking Hands Collection Just Chords
Guitar School Classical Guitar with Sheet Music Hubert Käppel
Blog and lots of videos to learn guitar Johannes Knechtges
35 teaching Videos - Flamenco Guitar and dance La Sonata
Musidation - gives you "LebensfreudeMusik" G. Lindinger
Guitar Institute professionally teaches guitar Georg Norberg
Top prepared chord handle table Georg Norberg
10 Compendiums that will take you further Georg Norberg
A Guitar School with internet connection R. Pomaska
Remarkably mature guitar instructional work Gerhard Raabe
Fun String melody for beginners Michael Schmolke
Guitar teacher in Wien she show us how it works Sandra Sherman
Hey! Whats Up!? - Much lessons for free Marty Schwartz
Interesting facts about Guitar playing practice René Senn
Play Jazz Guitar gives good Tips Chris Standring
Planet Guitar lots of guitar and more Hansi Tietgen
A practical guitar textbook WIKI Book


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