Vitae and Contact

.....Peter Breit

Surveying Technician
Architect - Cologne University
IT Specialist - SAP, Oracle, BSD, MS & many more IT certifications
Professor in Computer Science - Topic - Relational Databases

Inventions for Home - Kitchen - People - Music & Sports
Collaboration on countless open source software projects
Countless technical presentations on various topics
Books published:

A too short year in Scotland
Reading literary Science Fictions
Italian evenings with homemade dishes
Further development of my 2 WebProjects
Three-Cushion-Billard on the big 10 feet Table
Collaborat in many numerous open source projects
Development and production guitars of my own kind
Play instruments
Cajon - Guitars - KeyBoard - Clarinet - Tinwhistle
Two self produced gift guitar musik CDs
A third keyboard gift CD will be released in 2024 ...

Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium

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