Audio Engineering


Small test report about current FreeWare DAW's CakeWalk
AudioInterface '21 for home recording MOTU M4
Small, fast and cheap by Dr Andreas Hau Sound & Record
MukerBude - Review- AudioInterface MOTU M4 MuBu Review


Electric guitars - history, structure, Pickups & Sound CCInfo
Guitar amplifier - tube & transistor Sounds delamar
Recording studio & music technology for insiders Fiedler Audio
Introduction to common effects of music production Marcus Fiedler
MIDI control fully explained and illustrated T. Paul Fischer
Interesting stuff for the soldering iron fraction Sigi Flamisch
Gitec - Knowledge about e-guitas and Amps Jörg Gebhardt
Provides Informationen to guitar manufacturers Electronic
Much interesting about around E-Guitars and amps guitar4geek
Movie-College - Audio technologie knowledge Movie-College
HiFi Museum - Technology - Knowledge - History Gert Redlich
Elektronic compendium - PC technology and more Patrick Schnabel
Microfon recording and recording studio technology Eberh. Sengpiel
Sound studio technology seaqrch engine Eberh. Sengpiel
Wikipedia - Search engine for items Eberh. Sengpiel
Oli - Studio talk - Guitar recording #1 session Musik
Oli - Studio talk - Guitar recording #2 session Musik
Oli - Studio talk - Guitar recording #3 session Musik
Mixers - construction - features - effects routing Sound&Recording
Guitar & Tinkering - Dedicated electronics hobbyist! Thorsten Suhling
8 ways to find inspiration in the studio The Loop Loft
AudioInterface - Interfaes mixers and more Matthias Winkler


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