APPs for mobils

Note recognition - AnroidApp for money - Music to Note google APP
The 25 best Guitar and Music Apps - on the go Guitar World
An App makes you playing Guitar any where any time GuitarPad
Simply Piano - Helps you to learn Keyboard on Smartphone Joy Tunes
Recorder LoopMachine Drumms and much more Keezy Classic
MusicTheory - Interactive Circle of Fifths for Macs mDecks Music
Organic remix - tap the rhythm, the rest is done PG PlayGround
Turns your iPhone touch into a virtual Guitar PocketGuitar
An App for SmartPhone reliably detects Music SHAZAM
Steinberg - Metronome App Steinberg
Steinberg - Cubasis 3 - DAW APP for iPhone und iPad Steinberg
Tabs & Chords - learn and play acoustic Guitar... Tabs'n Chords
Helps you to compose and aranging Tin Pan Rhythem
GuitarPad im Video YouTube
Guitar Cover im Video YouTube
MP3 Media Studio - very mature ID3 Tool Zortam

Artifical Intelligence

Stuttgarter News - Composing music with AI
Datatbass - Imagine - Create - Inspire Databass.AI
Mubert - Human AI Music Creator Mubert
Online Soundeffekt Generator & Audio Tool MyEdit
Can compose and enhance uploaded music ! STACCATO
Log in, enter keywords, listen to the composition ! Suno
AI Music Generator of its own kind udio beta


Old but the best CD Ripper ever AudiGrabber
An audio extractor SoftWare its finest EArt Media
More than only a first class converter ! fre:ac
enJOy DIgital eXperince - Converter Family Jodix
Extensive converter - SoftWare Family Koyote Soft
LAME version 3.9.9 of the MP3 encoder lame MP3
Large converters & ripper SoftWare Family Maniac Tool
Leveling the volume in folders MP3-Gain
Switch a prime Audio converter NCH
RAZORLAME tochange bit rates among others RAZORLAME
XMedia Recode - Changing the volume of Videos Seb. Dörfler
Enjoy New Opportunities - Neue Möglichkeiten 3DYD Soft

Mastering and Mixing

Audition_3 (Cool Edit Pro) for existing Customers Adobe
Audio Recording - Mixing - Mastering - Open Source AudaCity
If you want to do more use CakeWalk... - MuBu 1
Cakewalk is back - Completely free of charge Cakewalk
Kristal - A promising audio engine for free KristalLabs
MultiMedia Studio needs getting used to LMMS
Music Maker the original now for free MAGIX
NCH the complete FreeWare family - At its best NCH SoftWare
Presonus Studio One 3 Prime for free Presonus
DigitalSoundPlanet the small music production QuarzAudioMaster
CuBase LE - Update capable - HardWare independent Steinberg
ProTools First - Only for AVID-HardWare - Uninstallable AVID

Notes and Tabs

Note recognition
ScoreCloud - Plays your music and notes the notes DoReMIR
Songs2See - 20 sec - Converts sound to notes & TABs Fraunhofer/songquito
Notenerkennung - App for Anroid - Music to Note google APP
Sonic Visualiser - Visualizes audio data GNU Public License
Overtone Analyser - Sound Visualization SoftWare sygyt software
Sheet music
Sibelius First - Little brother of the market leader AVID
FretBoardWarrior - Guitar Handle Board Trainer for PC Francois Brisson
LilyPond - NoteSetting of a special noble kind BSD / GNU
PriMus - Ingeniously simple - SoftWare in DE and EN Columbus Soft
NotePad - Ability to get started with music notation Finale
Forte NotenSatz - Unfortunately only as demo Forte
Open Source - One of the best music typesetting tools musescore
Crescendo - From the large SoftWare family NCH SoftWare
Notation Player - Display and play MIDI Notation SoftWare
TablEdit and TEFview - Editing/Displaying Sheet Music TablEdit Lescemelle
Mozart - Translation into German in progress David Webber
Sheet music and Tablature Editors
Guitar Pro 6 lite - Installation guide (PDF) Arobas
Power Tab - Best TAB and sheet music for guitarists BSD
TUX Guitar - Sheet music and Tab tool like Guitar pro GNU Lesser License
Aria Maestosa - Unfortunately still only in English GNU Sorce Force
Dorico - New music typesetting concept - 30 d demo Steinberg
Wav or MP3 to MIDI
Wave Kit Demo - Music from CD directly on paper Capella SoftWare
WAVEMID - Comprehensive music analysis tool WAVESUM
WIDI converts Audio to MIDI - VST plugin Widisoft
WIDI Recognition - Converts MP3 and WAV to MIDI Widisoft


Audio editor in good solid Open Source quality AudaCity
Moo0 - Reliable direct cut audio recorder Moo0
NCH - WavePad - PROFESSIONAL Audio Editor NCH SoftWare


Drum Station DT-010 D-Lusion
HammerHead Rhythm Station HammerHead
TempoPerfect Metronome SoftWare NCH
SuperDrummer FX class Drumsampler SuperDrummer
TaKeTiNa the rhythm Explorer TaKeTiNa

Any other

Player as time-stretching Tool BestPractice
A German Internet Rradio Oprogramm ClipInc
39 pages Music Programs CNet
Well designd Tools for Musicians drumbot
DSK Music - good Brass Instruments DSK Music
Guitar learn on PC - good Demo Gitarrero
Composition SoftWare in honor of J.S.Bach google
The quick Music slide ruler IntervalloFix
Compose melodies & accompany them automatically Ludwig
Open Source - Music making collection MusicRadar
Sound Anlysis SoftWare - Pointet Demo Melodyne
Synthesizer DataBase Moogulator
µsikus - Sound restoration Tools Claus Müller
Expensive VST plugin Collection Musiker Board
The best VST Instruments even for free NativeInstruments
The complete NCH audio FreeWare Family NCH
SAX HTTS hearing test Program SAX HTTS
Acoustic Guitar Synthesizer as Soft & VST spicy guitar
Very useful SoftWare Synthesizer SS FreeWare
asio4all - ensures low latency M. Tippach
The all rounder - sorry for bad link VideoLan
MP3 Media Studio - Mature ID3 tool Zortam


The German language rhythem Dictionary 2 Rhyme
Online Tuner with no frills 3 Ring
The simple beat finder all8
All Guitar Chords and much more all guitar chords
Rhymes Machine in German language Kay Bischoff
Chords, Scales, Metronome, Tuner and more chordbook
Free Music & Intrument icons FlatIcon
TaKeTiNa rhythm Institute R.& C. Flatischler
Chord - Scale & Arpeggio DataBase GitarrenGriffe
For Music styles ingeniusly! Ishkurs Guide
Kind - Online hearing test Kind
12bar Blues Guitar - Tutorial and Forum Gerd Klaassen
Note Calculator for key and Intervals Jürgen Kummer
KVR virtual Instruments wanted KVR Audio
The Watermark hearing testt for Musicians Matt Montag
Bypasses the pesky YouTube Country barriers ProxFlow
Minuett Tollkit for himself composing A. Schilkens


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